Hi There,

My name is Ann. We began in November 2011 as a team, my husband John has been making all the natural soap, and I have been making all the Body Care products – that’s where the A’J comes from!

By listening to our valued customers since we began we have developed a unique range of high-quality body care and natural soaps.

Our new range includes lotions using only pure Organic essential oils and an Organic range of soaps. For your benefit, we also include a range of these Essential Oils and French Clays.

We look forward to continually developing new and exciting products!

The benefits of using our carefully sourced products are very rewarding as well as doing our best towards the environment. It all starts with each one of us caring not only about our own skin but also are doing something that can help our planet.

Our natural soap ONLY contains OLIVE OIL, which is closest to our own P.H. We DO NOT use Palm Oil. Just think of the ORANGUTANS that will thank you for your help in keeping their natural rainforest home environment safe. We do not use chemicals and/or other ingredients that affect our waterways.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy the rewards from using natures finest ingredients and your skin will thank you for it.  ~Ann.